Powerful Moodle quiz response options with the Poodll plugin

We installed a new plugin to our District Moodle site last week and the new features have really blown me away. The Poodll plugin adds new response features to quiz questions. By choosing the poodll question type when creating your quiz, you can now have students record audio for their response, or video, or even draw. All of the tools are in the Moodle question itself. No need to leave the quiz, find a file, or upload. They simply hit a record button or use the drawing tools to answer the question.

Now our World Language teachers can have students speak their answers. Math, Science, and Social Studies teachers can have students draw or graph their responses. The audio feature could even be used as a modification for students who need it. So many uses! I’m excited to see all of the ways our teachers will find to use them.

Below you will find my 3 tutorials for the new response types. You can also find them on our teacher resource site HERE.

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